A frequency reconfigurable slot antenna using pin diodes

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The two PIN diodes are appropriately located on slot line in order to control ... This paper introduces frequency reconfigurable MIMO antenna with pentagon slot ... Frequency and Radiation Pattern Reconfigurable Small Metamaterial ... frequency, tunability is achieved by placing pin diodes on the slots. It is experimentally ... antennas. Endowing a reconfigurable antenna with frequency tuning. Design of a Frequency Reconfigurable Fractal Antenna for ... - ijrte

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Pattern and frequency reconfigurable annular slot antenna ... As a proof of concept, two pin diodes are placed 45/spl deg/ on both sides of the feeding line along the ASA and the direction of the null is shown to align with the direction defined by the circular slot center and the diode. Consequently, a design that is reconfigurable in both frequency and radiation pattern is accomplished. Pattern and Frequency Reconfigurable Annular Slot Antenna ...

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A Design of Reconfigurable Rectangular Microstrip - Download as PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or read online. Paper antenas Microsoft Word - str_0805-0811.doc Abstract. The paper presents a frequency reconfigurable will require antennas that can reconfigure their operating slot dipole antenna. Microsoft Word - str_0655-0661 Microstrip based frequency reconfigurable antenna is proposed in [14]. Using five pin diodes it achieves six switchable bands from 2.2 GHz to 4.75 GHz. Microsoft Word - str_0040-0045 Switchable frequency responses especially when they are introduced unsymmetrically to the are achieved by implementation of a PIN diode within the antenna structure [5]. antenna ground plane.

Design and Development of an Annular Slot Antenna (ASA) with ...

In this paper, a compact frequency reconfigurable circular patch antenna with an arc-shaped slot loaded in the ground layer is proposed for multiband wireless communication applications. By controlling the ON/OFF states of the five PIN diodes mounted on the arc-shaped slot, the effective length of the arc-shaped slot and the effective length of antennas current are changed, and accordingly six ... FREQUENCY RECONFIGURABLE ANTENNA FOR KU -BAND APPLICATIONS In this study, a unique design in frequency reconfigurable antenna approach is proposed .The shown design in this paper can be used for Ku band downlink especially in satellites. A special em ployment includes a rectangular slot with four PIN diodes where the frequency reconfigurability is obtained. Pattern and Frequency Reconfigurable Annular Slot Antenna ... Pattern and Frequency Reconfigurable Annular Slot Antenna Using PIN Diodes Article (PDF Available) in IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation 54(2):439 - 448 · March 2006 with 235 Reads

Abstract— This paper presents a selective frequency reconfigurable antenna, suitable for cognitive radio applications. Reconfigurability is achieved by inserting PIN diode switches in DMS(defected microstrip structure) ‘T’ slot filter. The proposed antenna is capable of switching between a wide operating band of

Frequency tunability in an antenna enables its use for a range of frequencies [19]. Radio frequency switching normally has been done by using semiconductor devices such PIN diodes or FETsA new frequency-reconfigurable antenna structure, denoted as a pixel slot antenna is proposed in [48]. An investigation of pattern and frequency reconfigurable… A free platform for explaining your research in plain language, and managing how you communicate around it – so you can understand how best to increase its impact. Pattern and Frequency Reconfigurable Annular Slot